By Michael Richardson 2023-10-11

Momentum is at the Hard Rock Casino in Downtown Cincinnati. The event space is on the second floor, accessed by stairs, escalator, or elevator near the VIP room.

Before you leave home

Confirm that you have your ID! The Casino requires all entrants to be 21 or older and may require proof of age.


You are a smart, technically savvy person. I feel confident that you can figure this out via the mapping application of your choice. The Hard Rock Casino is in downtown Cincinnati, and it’s likely that you can find a convenient public transportation option if that interests you.


The Casino offers free parking! Look for the signs that say “Self Park”. You can enter from either Gilbert Ave. or Reading Rd. Use this link to get directions to the parking lot entrance at Reading and 12th. It will take 5 to 10 minutes to walk from the parking garage to the event center.

Arrival Time

To get the most value from your day at Momentum, we strongly recommend that you arrive at the event center between 7:30 and 8:30. This will allow you at least 15 minutes to complete registration and get situated before the Opening Remarks begin at 8:45.


As you enter the event center, our volunteers will check you in by scanning the QR code on your ticket. If you don’t have your QR code, they can find your ticket by name instead. You’ll receive your Momentum conference badge as you are checked-in. Once inside, you’ll be directed to pick up your lanyard, t-shirt, and some documents. Fill out your name and other details on your badge with the provided markers. Then grab some breakfast and make some friends while you wait for the Opening Remarks.