Presented by:Tori Brenneison
So... you just hired a bootcamp graduate. Now what?! They're not your typical entry-level candidate. They might need slightly more mentorship on the technical side, and slightly less on the business side. Perhaps they're overwhelmed by the size of the company codebase, or perplexed by some of the new software and services they need to learn. They may not know how to manage expense accounts, paid time off, retirement plans or health insurance--or even that those benefits are available. But... many of them have had jobs before. They come with plenty of valuable experience from other fields. They're motivated! Teachable! Destined for success... with your help. In this session, we'll discuss some of the hurdles bootcamp grads face entering the field, and how to help them navigate their new normal. We'll talk about inclusivity in recruiting, empathy in onboarding, and the unique mentorship needs of career changers.
Level: Introductory and overviewTags:Professional Skills, Other