Presented by:Rey Riel
Developers do what they do best because they love problem solving. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing those lines of code we've written run smoothly and seamlessly to solve the issue at hand. Unfortunately there's a bunch of housekeeping that usually has to come before we get to make those little bits of mastery execute. Decisions need to be made, scaffolding needs to be put in place, our code needs a foundation before we're able to realize those little joys we crave. But what if we didn't have to worry about that? We've all heard of no code and low code platforms, but aren't they just taking our fun from us? Trying to replace us with the robots? Let's talk about what these platforms are, what makes a good platform for developers and how a solid low code platform let's us get from 0 to fun in the least time possible.
Level: Introductory and overviewTags:Front-End & Web, Patterns & Practices, Other