Presented by:Brandon Bruno
JavaScript is changing faster than ever with a yearly release cadence that brings useful syntax tweaks, new APIs, and updated language functionality. Of the dozens of new features added to JavaScript over the last ten years, Promises stand out as one of the most important yet most difficult to understand for both backend and frontend developers. If you're looking to finally understand the 'what', 'why', and 'how' of Promises, this is your ELI5 ("explain like I'm five") moment. Let's learn about asynchronous programming in JavaScript by understanding the fundamentals of Promises: why they were added to the language, what you need to write your own, how async/await fix Promise chaining, recent API changes, and much more. This session will introduce the basics of Promises, then ramp up into practical examples and techniques that will help you fully utilize Promises in your code today.
Level: Introductory and overviewTags:Front-End & Web, Patterns & Practices