What are Coding Live Streams, and why should I care?

Presented by:Brendan Enrick
What is the deal with all these developers talking about live streaming on Twitch? Why would I want to watch that? Why would I want to code on there? In this session, you'll learn all about live streaming from the host of the DevChatter Twitch stream, which has thousands of followers and tens of thousands of views. Find out if you want to do your own live stream or just watch live streams! Learn how to get started and get involved! Live streams can give you an outlet to try new things, help you get immediate feedback, and allow you to gain insights from other developers. You can tune in several times a week and become a part of the community, joining their offline chat and/or contributing to the stream's open source projects!
Level: Introductory and overviewTags:Human (Soft) Skills


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