Prometheus: Monitoring and Alerting for Everyone

Presented by:Aaron Brongersma and Ken Herner
As software development teams embrace DevOps practices and CI/CD processes the need for better monitoring, telemetry and health metrics is growing. Infrastructure teams face new challenges when monitoring short lived containers, multiple environments or complex systems. How do you know if the last deploy had an impact on performance? Are new infrastructure systems being monitored immediately? Identifying the root cause of performance issues requires visibility into the intersection of infrastructure and application performance metrics. Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit. Learn how the NaviStone team monitors the systems that send over half a million post cards a month. We'll share how to instrument applications with the Prometheus client library. You'll see how to monitor any server with node-exporter. Get the inside scoop on monitoring Kubernetes and Kafka at scale. Learn how to reliably wake up on-call team members with alert-manager, Slack and Victor Ops.
Level: AdvancedTags:Back-End, Cloud


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