Learning at the Speed of JavaScript—How to Catch Up (and Keep Up) Amidst Rapid Change

Presented by:Jake Witcher
Learning is a survival skill in the land of software development. Whether you are a CS graduate, a self-taught developer, a ten year veteran, or a complete coding newbie, learning how to learn is necessary for growing your skill set and broadening your expertise. To be a fast, continuous learner, there are three habits you must regularly cultivate— continual exposure to new ideas, hands on exploration of new skills and concepts (directed play), and tailored opportunities for teaching others. In this session you will learn the value of podcasts, blog posts, and meetups for identifying trends. You will discover methods for solidifying new information so that it is not easily forgotten. And you will learn about the best kept secret for unshakeable, self-education— sharing your newly formed knowledge with others. Changes in software development may move at a rapid pace, but so can you.
Level: Introductory and overviewTags:Human (Soft) Skills


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